Manuscripts Published

Savaş, Ö. & Al-Midani, S. (forthcoming) Syrian refugees on the margins: Gendered and racialized excursions in home-making. To be published in Y. Hanoosh, S. Howell, & A. Shryock (Eds.) Uncertain Refuge: Vitality and Vulnerability in Arab Detroit. Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

Savaş, Ö., Greenwood, R. M., Blankenship, B. T., Stewart, A. J., Deaux, K. (2021) All immigrants are not alike: Intersectionality matters in views of immigrant groups. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 9(1), 86-104.

Savaş, Ö. & Stewart, A. J. (2019) Alternative pathways to activism: Intersections of social and personal pasts in the narratives of women’s rights activists. Qualitative Psychology, 6(1), 27-46.

Blankenship, B., Savaş, Ö., Frederick, J., Stewart, A. J., (2018) Piecing together the American voting puzzle: How voters’ personalities and judgments of issue importance mattered in the 2016  Presidential Election. Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy, 18(1), 172-197.

Blankenship, B., Frederick, J., Savaş, Ö., Montgomery, S., Stewart, A. J. (2017) Privilege and marginality: How group identification and personality predict right- and left-wing political activism. Analysis of Social Issues and Public Policy 17(1) 161-183

White Papers

McClelland, S., Rubin, J., Savaş, Ö., & Bell, S. (2015). A mixed method study of faculty attitudes about qualitative research methods in U.S. psychology graduate programs. Report submitted to the Executive Committee of the Society for Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology (SQIP).