Join the Lab

If you are looking to gain research experience and be part of research at the intersection of gender, immigration and psychology email me at:

Students in all majors are welcome to apply. Indicate why you are interested in working with me and briefly describe who you are and what relevant previous experiences you have, if any. Being a research assistant in the lab potentially involves engaging in several different tasks depending on your skill level, availability, interest, and the lab’s needs:

  1. Lab meetings {All RAs are required to attend weekly lab meetings. Lab meetings are when we check in with each other, give updates about the ongoing projects, as well as discussing next steps.}
  2. Participant recruitment in person and/or by phone 
  3. Data collection
  4. Data entry. {Data entry involves transferring information provided by the participants in one medium (e.g. paper) to another medium (e.g. SPSS software) in order to prepare it for analysis. No prior knowledge of software packages needed.}
  5. Transcribing interviews. {Transcribing involves listening to tape-recorded interviews and typing out what is said. In the process of transcribing you get to hear people’s stories, and many RAs report that they learn a lot during this process.}
  6. Data analysis {I use a number of different methods and therefore different softwares as analytical tools, including quantitative (SPSS) and qualitative (Dedoose, NVivo). No prior knowledge of these programs is needed.}
  7. Literature reviews. {Literature review is an essential part of research. It includes looking for relevant articles published in peer reviewed journals on a given topic.}